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Awesome Package Just the right amount of background music and sound effects.

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 Also check out our children stories podcast!  Children around the world, in over 22 countries, tune in to listen to “Storytime With Teacher Nina”:

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Find a story you would like to read for your loved one.

Record On A Recording Device

Record the story on any recording device.  Yes, you can even record using your phone’s recording software.  Check out this Wikihow link for tips (http://bit.ly/2kwQkzc).

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.wav & .m4a files are preferred, but .mp3 is welcome as well. 

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We provide 2 Tiers of production packages.  “Awesome” & “OMG”.  Get Started on creating your audio story gift below!

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We offer 2 tiers of production value.

Awesome = Just the right amount of background music and sound effects

OMG = Goosebumps

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